December 4, 2020


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🥇 Matone Qy8 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review



Matone Qy8 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Matone QY7 wireless headphones
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Matone Qy8 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review 2020

  • Whether it’s working out, jogging, or simply listening to music, good quality headphones or ear buds play a vital role in giving a pleasurable experience, I am always on a keen lookout for something that gives me quality sound without interfering with my workout routine or causing any issues while I’m jogging.
  • The biggest concern most people have with working out while listening to music on ear buds is what happens when you sweat. And this is what has troubled me most of the times in my past experience as well. Until recently, when I was referred by a friend to try the Matone QY7 ear buds.
  • The Matone QY7 bluetooth headphones, used to be called the QY8 but they recently changed the name for reasons I can’t work out! I think it’s an upgrade to the version of the Q7. For such a low price,  I did not think twice before purchasing them as the specifications clearly stated that these are wireless and sweat proof…So hey, why not. What’s the worst that can happen? I certainly wasn’t expecting to be blown away by their performance.

What are they like for working out with?

  • Most headphones or earbuds that I have used in the past have failed to remain well-adjusted in the ears when I sweat or jog. The sweat causes the earbuds to slip out. This isn’t the case with the Matone QY7 ear buds. They have an adequate resistance to sweat and the design allows these ear buds to remain in position. No matter how tough my workout is or how long I jog, these earbuds did a pretty good job of staying put.

Sound quality and noise cancelling

  • Some gym sessions just seem to drag on more than others. It seems as though every little distraction is attempting to disrupt your workout routine. Sometimes, you need to just zone out and what better way to do that, than by using noise cancelling headphones!
  • OK, so for the bargain basement price these Matone’s cost, I’m not expecting noise cancelling like the Bose QC20’s offer as these are about 1/10th of the cost! however, if you’re going to offer it, then it has to be worthwhile.  I have to say, they do a pretty stand up job. These little Matone QY7’s certainly don’t shut the world off completely – but there is a very noticeable difference.
  • I’m a bass lover. I can’t carry those giant woofers along with me to enjoy deep bass. I’ve wasted money on lots of headphones and ear buds as none of them had the pure bass experience. They usually sound like stupid drums. The Matone Q8s offer fairly strong bass. They are not going to rock your world, but again, I have to keep pointing to the price -you are not going to get better bass in this price bracket.
  • Although I mainly use my ear buds and headphones for listening to music, I often use them as an aid for making calls as well. In my experience with these ear buds, the voice reaches my ears just fine. Most of the ear buds that are meant for listening to music do not respond well for making calls. But I am completely satisfied with the Matone QY7s in this regard.
Matone QY7
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  • Gadgets are supposed to be advanced and easier to use. I am pretty good with gadgets yet I had to work on managing and understanding the connectivity of Matone Q8 ear buds.
  • The manual came in handy. Going through all that text in the manual is something I don’t like to do. So this is something where the Q8 ear buds have a bit to improve. All I had to figure out was the light system. The ear buds turn blue as soon as they are connected to a device.
  • What I liked about the connectivity of Matone Q8 ear buds is that they have a memory that saves previously paired devices. So they automatically connect to your device and get paired as soon as you turn on the Bluetooth. Going through the features I discovered that the Matone Q8 ear buds can be connected to more than one device at a time.


  • All other things were just great, yet I wasn’t so happy about the connectivity range. The Matone QY7 ear buds only offer a connection range of maximum 10m… As soon as I go even a step further, the connection would break and the music would stop. I personally would have preferred a longer connection range. I’m often listening to music while using my laptop.
  • If I go all the way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, the earbuds would get disconnected. If only they had offered a broader connection range, these earbuds would have been perfect.

Volume control and playlist shuffling

  • Like most other headphones, the Matone Qy7 also have buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume. There’s nothing special about the controls. The only slight difference is that there are bumps on each of the buttons. The button with a single bump is for volume down and the double-bump button is for increasing the volume. It pretty much suits me as I can easily control the volume using these bump readings, without having the need to actually look at what button I’m pressing.
  • Double pressing these buttons switches the tracks. The volume up button switches to the next track and the volume down button switches to the previous track. That’s about everything that I have observed in the Matone Qy8 controls.

Battery timing

  • Poor battery life of such gadgets is a huge bummer for me as I’m mostly on the go. I don’t get much time to charge my portable devices. What I liked about the Matone Q8 ear buds is that their battery lasts for almost 7 hours with continuous functioning. I charge them in the evening before getting off from work, and then they keep going until night. This is a huge plus. I’ve had a pretty hectic experience with my previous ear buds as they went low on battery just after an hour or so. I’m more than happy to have found the Matone Q8s.
  • I find them very user-friendly as they are easy to charge as well. I simply connect them with my tablet or laptop while I’m doing my work and they get charged meanwhile. Quick charging and a long-lasting battery is a great feature of the Matone Qy7 ear buds.

Design and level of comfort

  • Ear buds can have pretty pathetic designs, trust me. I have come across such troubling ones in the past that my ears started to hurt after using those ear buds for about half an hour. But what I’ve observed in the Matone Q8s is that these earphones are not that stylish but they are definitely comfortable for the ears. My ears don’t hurt even when I’m using these for hours.
  • It’s a good thing that the company has focused more on the comfortability and less on the stylish appearance. For this price, you shouldn’t be expecting too much of a stylish and attractive product. They look fine. Build quality is a little lacking, but you can’t have everything at this price.

Device Compatibility

  • I hate it when I get strangled between two devices from different companies that won’t connect with each other. Apple and Samsung, for one case, have this thing that Apple won’t allow Bluetooth or other direct connectivity with any other brand devices. The Matone Q8 ear buds are thankfully compatible with almost all brands and devices.
  • Whether it is an Apple device, and android or even a Bluetooth supported LED TV. I have tried connecting my ear buds with all these three platforms and they worked absolutely perfect. I don’t have to care for the connectivity anymore whether I have my iPhone or Galaxy Tab.


  • I would give an overall 4 out of 5 rating to the Matone Q8 ear buds after my experience. The features are good, but not perfect. But for this price, I’m happy with what I got.
  • Obviously the better they get, the more expensive they would be. I would refer the Matone Qy7’s to anyone who is looking for inexpensive and fine earbuds, especially for gym work.
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